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Is your dog barking and lunging at Dogs and/or People?

Are you embarrassed every time you Leave the house with your dog?

Are you confused by the conflicting advice out there?

Do you wish you could find support & answers?

Fearful and over reactive behavior will not go away on its own. Your dog will not grow out of it. Left untreated, both the frequency and the intensity of the problems will likely increase in time.

You may have even tried other trainers and behaviourists before. with little or no progress...

But don't Stress!

We've created a comprehensive course to support you in transforming your walks from Chaotic to Calm in just 12 weeks... even if you've never been to a dog trainer in your life!


About Us

Hi, I'm Charlotte and I have been where you are today!

Despite being a confident lifelong dog owner of fairly challenging dogs, our life flipped on its head when my partner and I adopted 50kg Freya. She would bark, lunge and growl at the end of her lead, and dreams of enjoying long walks in the country or a sunny afternoon in a beer garden did not happen!

We followed so-called 'expert' advice, but nothing seemed to help. We felt nothing but guilt, because we thought we were failing her. My partner and I would argue with each other about the best way to handle her on walks. We considered if rehoming her was the right thing to do, and questioned if she would ever lead a fulfilling life... This just brought us more guilt!

​​But, being a determined woman, I took matters into my own hands and went on an extremely intensive journey... I invested in education in kind methods of behaviour modification that actually work, gained hands-on experience, and changed our lives forever. I started Canny Canines to help other owners with nowhere else to turn. I've since helped hundreds of dog owners to help turn their issues with their dogs around and live calmer and happier together.

I look forward to helping you on your own journey!

Charlotte Bates

Certified Dog Trainer & Behaviourist

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  • You could choose to walk your dog at any time of day, without worrying how busy it is out there

  • You could calmly get ready for a walk without your dog bouncing off the walls while you try to put their harness or lead on

  • You could leave the house and lock the door without getting dragged down the road

  • You could engage in a conversation with a neighbour or friend you bump in to on your morning walk, without worrying what they think of your dog barking or lunging at them or their dog

  • You could walk to your local park without constantly scanning the environment for the next dog/person/cat

  • You could see another dog walking towards you down the road without holding your breath and trying to find a side street street or drive to escape down because you just know your dog is going to embarrass you!

  • You could take long walks in the park or country without worrying the next off lead dog is going to come and traumatise your dog or get bitten by your dog!

Imagine if...

... It's all possible!

Are you ready to begin the rest of you life with your best friend?
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