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Behaviour Services

Is your dog barking and lunging at dogs, people, cars or noises?

Are they hard to manage in certain situations, like visitors arriving or in the car?

Do they growl when you or another member of the family go near their food or toys?

Do they struggle to have basic treatment and check-ups at the vets?

Are they worried by new/novel items or sounds?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need my behavioural support.

This is more than basic training, and includes looking at many factors of the dog's life and wellbeing.

You receive 121 in-person support, a FREE online video library, and support between sessions so we can achieve your long-term goals together.

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Step 1: Free Call

So that we can ensure we're going to be a good fit working together, you get to book a completely free, no obligation call with me. 

In this call we have a chat about your dog, the issues you're having and how I can help.

After this call, I send you a follow-up email with full details on the services I offer, my availability and how to book your assessment appointment.

Price: Completely FREE!

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Step 2: The Assessment

This is a 2 hour appointment that includes getting to know your dog, an in-depth look at the unwanted behaviour, the foundations of the behaviour change plan, a management plan to prevent issues worsening, and how to best move through the plan in a way that suits your dog and you as their family.

On some occasions, this may be all you need 

Price: Starting from £175


Step 3: The Training Package

At the assessment, we will then look at which package will be best suited for you and your dog, to build the behaviour you want, and for me to offer solutions to any issues you encounter. Everything is broken down into small, easy and manageable steps with handouts and videos to guide your progress.

You also get support between sessions

Price: Starting from £349

Or jump straight in and

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