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Why Canny Canines?


Every behaviour our dogs carry out is driven by an emotion, particularly anxious or aggressive behaviour. Instead of addressing these emotions and underlying causes, so the dog learns to cope in a more productive way, some trainers use tactics that simply suppress the behaviour. These work by causing fear, pain or intimidation. This does not lead to confident and secure dogs who trust, love and respect their owners.

​Canny Canines prefers the use of ethical, effective and scientifically proven methods of dog training, in addition to top-class coaching for the human side of the family to keep you focused and motivated!

​Here's why we're different:

Specialist experience with aggression and confidence building means I can help you with really addressing these issues in a succinct and effective way.

You will be empowered to help your dog without using punitive methods

With practical advice, that actually works, to reduce and manage the unwanted behaviour regardless of your dog's age, size or breed!

It is more than just feeding your dog treats

You will not be asked to find 5/10/50 dogs per walk and simply feed when your dog looks at another dog… There is so much more to it than that (think Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for dogs!)


You get specialist experience, not just qualifications.

I've been where you are today. I’ve made every dog training mistake going and struggled to find a trainer who could actually deliver results with my own dogs... No matter where you’ve been in your journey previously, you’ll find no judgement here – we like to look forward on where we’re going, not dwell on where you’ve been!

​The training and behaviour modifcation is intentionally stress-free, for you and your dog

Life is stressful enough, so first I make sure you're both equipped to deal with any stressful situations that come up during our time together.

​I really get to understand your dog, and you so I can help your get the results you crave.

I use an initial questionnaire and personalised in-depth assessment to really get to the heart of what is causing the issues.

This style of training is a way of life!

There are no boring or repetitive behaviours to learn, and you get to enjoy the process so it does not become another chore to add to your list.

You build yours and your dog's confidence and enjoy spending time together

First-hand experience tells me that living with a dog with behavioural issues really drives a wedge between you so let's repair that bond and enjoy spending time with your dog again!

​​I ensure real-life results and future-proofing your success by progressing to real-life settings

​PLUS! Ask about my money back offer when booking!

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