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Get Started on Your New Life Together

By following my unique and holistic approach to modifying your dog's behaviour, I can be sure that you will start to see improvements within just 7 days - all it takes is just 30 minutes per day to implementing your plan.


The first step for all new clients is to complete the below form.

I will then contact you to talk about creating that awesome relationship between you and your dog.


In order to create long-term positive changes, I always recommend an initial consultation of 2-3 hours. Most people then need around 4-6 sessions, starting weekly then progressing to fortnightly in order to get maximum results.  This gets our training off to the strongest possible start and ensure there is consistency in my coaching - for the benefit of both you and your dog.

I offer a reduced rate for block bookings (4 or more) compared to single booked appointments, both online and in-person.


​You can choose how long you would like your in-person sessions to be (60 or 90 mins). 


Prices start from £45 per hour for block bookings - a full service menu is sent to you on receipt of your form and will include any relevant travel costs to your home, too.

If you would like to send a more generic enquiry, you can do so HERE

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