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Our Story

Canny Canines was born from frustration, probably similar to what you're feeling right now.

When we adopted our second dog, Freya, we wanted a friend for our existing dog, Jasper.

I envisioned us all living harmoniously together, enjoying long walks in the country or a sunny afternoon in a beer garden etc.


This did not happen!

We would get red-faced just leaving the house as she barked and lunged aggressively at other dogs and men.

She would bark and get frustrated, then take it out on Jasper who then became wary of her.

We thought we were doing everything right, but nothing seemed to work.

Everything seemed to tell us we just weren’t the right home for her and we couldn’t shake the feeling of failing her.

​I was then more frustrated when I couldn’t find a competent trainer to help, who had the knowledge and behavioural insight into her particular breed.

As a lifelong dog owner, I knew there must have been a better way than resorting to the use of fear, intimidation or pain - unfortunately all too common in the dog world, especially when it comes to working breeds.

So, being a determined woman, I took matters into my own hands

I got educated, gained experience, and now dedicate my life to helping people like you with their working breeds, and dogs who are nervous & reactive.

I've been blessed with the first-hand experience of the stress & difficulties that come from living with dogs with behavioural issues, and it has provided me with a unique insight into the process we go through as owners when resolving their behaviour.

​I've been lucky enough to learn directly from some of the world's most renowned trainers & behaviourists in order to hone my skills and knowledge on a practical level. I also use direct research into the most up to date and scientifically proven methods of behaviour modification and training.

I am here to assure you that it does get better with the right support & commitment.

Freya is no longer the dog she was: she now enjoys nothing more than meeting new dogs and their owners. She has helped teach countless dogs to politely interact with other dogs. She helps socialise young puppies and build the confidence of dogs who are too afraid to be around other dogs.

And although there will probably always be some limitations that come from having her rough start to life, she really is incredible!

All of this started from the comfort of our own home and, like I have for many other owners, I can show you how to make such an amazing transformation with your own dog, too!

I can't wait to work with you and your dogs soon, and who knows - you might even be lucky enough to meet the main girl herself!

Charlotte, Freya and Jasper

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