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Training and Puppy Services

Training Sessions can be used for solving a variety of problems, such as:

- Being slow to respond to their recall cue

- Pulling on their lead

- Struggling to settle in the house

- Struggling to settle in public places (such as cafés)

- Unable to do basic positions such as sit, stay, lie down and paw

- Does not know an emergency stop

- Other training needs

If your dog barks, lunges, growls, has an extreme reaction in certain situations, lacks confidence or other behavioural problem, you will need more in-depth support. Please refer to the Behavioural Services page HERE 

If you aren't sure which service your dog needs, book a call and we can talk it through

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Step 1: Free Call

So that we can ensure we're going to be a good fit working together, you get to book a completely free, no obligation call with me. 

In this call we have a chat about your dog, the issues you're having and how I can help.

After this call, I send you a follow-up email with full details on the services I offer, my availability and how to book your assessment appointment.

Price: Completely FREE!

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Step 2: The Training Package

During our call, we will look at which package will be best suited for you and your dog, to build the behaviour you want, and for me to offer solutions to any issues you encounter. Everything is broken down into small, easy and manageable steps with handouts and videos to guide your progress.

We will start training in low distraction environments to ensure solid foundations

Price: Starting from £249

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Step 3: Real Life Results

Once we have the training foundations mastered, it's time to get out into the real world and make sure those behaviours are going to servie you where it matters - around pesky distractions like dogs, people and squirrels!

Price: All part of the training package we decide is best for you and your dog

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